Industrial line

The Abrasion Resistant Piping System for the Industrial Field.



The company offers complete piping products and solutions for both standard and specialized high-abrasion applications, such as mining, coal fired power generation, pneumatic conveyance, foundries, steel mills and a variety of other applications. Since thirty years DALCOM helps customers to solve thousand of abrasive wear problems and prevent the unwanted consequences of highly abrasive applications (excessive system wear, frequent replacement, downtime and lost productivity).

Whatever concerns you most chances are that we can jointly help you find the solutions. Not just any solution, but the solution best tailored to your particular applications. Cost-effective solutions involve the transport medium, the required speed for suspension, system pressure, maintenance and lost production costs. We’ll provide an effective solution from an economic, as well technological standpoint. We may indeed recommend replacing old pipe with new, made from a more expensive material and show you how it will significantly reduce the life-cycle cost of your system.

Here are the main products involved in the Abrasion Resistant Piping System Field:

Additional Documentation - You can download here additional technical information in .PDF files:

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